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Week 3 10mg accutane



Hi, haven't updated in a while.

I stopped taking accutane only 3 days after starting it, because my depression was getting quite bad, however left it a couple of weeks and started it again on 21st December, so today, is the beginning of week 3...

So far, no initial breakout, skin isn't noticeably more dry, and lips arent either, they are a tiny bit dry but they arent uncomfortably so. This may be due to me being on such a low dose, hopefully i wont have many of these side effects..

I seem to be picking at my skin less which is a good thing. However i did have a spot on my nose, which turned into more of a semi deepish cut when the spot went (applied benzoyl peroxide and was gone within 3 days) however it is taking its time to heal, still bleeds sometimes and weeps occasionaly, it has been 2 weeks. This may be because accutane slows down healing. Having said this however, the other cuts on my face seem to have healed faster whilst ive been on accutane... so who knows whats going on.

So to sum up, day 15, no noticeable side effects or initial breakout. Skin feels the same as it did before, maybe looks a bit better.

Derm appointment on the 10th Jan, so she might boost me up to 20mg.

168 days to go!

Good luck to everyone on accutane x


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