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Month 2-Begin



Saw my derm today and picked up my 2nd month of Accutane...they gave my Claravis this time instead of the Amnesteem I had last month. It's fine. The derm told me to use the Cetaphil cream all over my body. He prescribed me Prednisone because I have like 3 really tender ones and are very irritating and he said th Prednisone woud help to bring those down so I will take 5mg/day of Prednisone and still 40mg/day of Claravis. My whole body is so dry! Everytime i take off a jacket or my clothes you can hear all the static :D and my hair sticks up xD! I also told the derm about that little problem I mentioned in my previous blog and he said it had nothing to do with accutane :redface: but I finally got scheduled to see a colonoscopist next week so hopefully he will be able to help me out.

Hope everyone is doin OK and enjoyed the holidays :redface: Stay strong and thanks for reading.

Yours truly,


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I was on predisone once for an allegeric reaction I had, so no accutane mixed with it or anything, and within maybe two days my skin was completely clear and baby smooth. It's powerful stuff!

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