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Amnesteem Aggravation



So I began the amnesteem treatment about 4-5 months ago and I have been going through, what feels like, complete hell. My skin is covered with itchy bumps and I have extremely dry skin. Nothing helps with the dryness either. I have tried calming washes, oatmeal washes/baths, lotions, allergy meds, prednazone everything. Nothing helps. On top of that my acne is still pretty much raging. It's killing me. I becoming very disheartened and not entirely sure if this is going to work. Can I get some advice or maybe so words of hope lol??? This just sucks and I dont know what to think anymore.

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Have you tried Cetaphil Cream? Not the lotion, but the cream. The cream works for me...it cools my face off. Ah :boohoo: This kinda makes me scared that it's not going to work for me either :/ I did a month of Amnesteem and just picked up my 2nd month, but the gave me Claravis this time. I hope everything will get better for you!!!

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