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Sooo... I'm almost afraid to type this, but... everything still seems to be going ok. three little ones on my forehead formed tho, but so far they just seem to be drying up and nothing else feels like it's coming up, so maybe that's that.

I went out yesterday and bought myself a bottle of Cetaphil lotion and a bottle of the Cetaphil face wash stuff, my skin is so dry, and i think what i use usually is just to harsh for me now. And so far, the Cetaphil, it does seem to dry thinhgs out less, it feels very soothing almost, and everything while still pretty rough and crusty feeling in places, is less so now. so after only two uses, who knows, maybe good things ahead. lol.

those little blackhead/clogged pore thingys are still coming up, alot seem to come loose and fall out when i wash my face, so i guess that's good.

anyways yeah, :redface:

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Glad to hear everything is going OK :boohoo: I'm using Cetaphil face cream not the lotion and my derm said I could use it all over my body if needed...my whole body is dry! Have a good week! :D

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