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2 weeks



So it's been a little over two weeks and my I believe my skin is starting to break out...it's not severe or anything but I'm getting bumps and some red zits, specifically on my forehead. I've changed the moisturizer that I use at night. I use nivea soft moisturizer and so far it hasn't been reacting with differin, or at least I don't think so. I still use cetaphil facial moisturizer with SPF 15 but only in the morning. also, I've applied differin on my cheeks now and it actually has somewhat cleared the acne that was there. You can still see the scars but I think it's better. As for my forehead , which is really what I mostly want to get cleared, I don't know if I'm seeing results, it's working very, very slowly so again, I shall give it more time. Dang, it sucks cause school starts tomorrow and I was hoping that my skin would clear up a little bit it hasn't quite done that yet. I have to remind myself have to be patient with this product.Oh, I'd also like to add that this product hasn't been extremely dry on my face, at times it gets a little dry but I usually put moisturizer and it's all good. But my skin is oily to begin with so I don't know if that plays any role. I'm also concerned about another thing... I apply differin between my eyebrows and also around it. I know in the package it says that your not suppose to apply the product in areas your going to wax. But I really wanna get my eyebrows done, and I was wondering if anybody knows what's gonna happen. Like if I do get my eyebrows waxed, is going to irritate my skin or it's just gonna hurt even more then it usually does. I feel so stupid wondering about this but I really wanna get my eyebrows done. Anyways, I shall continue to update weekly or if anything extreme happens to my skin :redface: -summerPs I apologize for the some spelling errors. I posted this on my iPod and it's more difficult...haha


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