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Ooooh Yeah

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Side number two of my first pack!



AKA: day sixteen. lawl.

So in about half an hour, when I stop being a lazy asshole, I'm gonna go in public, during the daytime (dundundaaa) for the first time since my horrible IB. I'm so scared!!11!. LOL. The only time've left my house since Wednesday was on New Years, in the dark, to hit up my friend's place, that's been IT.

Things improved again over night, the dying ones; died more, only one whitehead, skin is still very rough, those little blackheads are still coming out, when i look up close, i can see the little holes the ones that have fallen out left behind, kinda gross, kinda cool at the same time.

that medium one on my forehead tho, that one i think is gonna have to get it's own name at this point, it's filling right out, butttt, that means it should start going down soon.

One nasty side effect i've been dealing with tho besides the dry skin/lips etc: ASTHMA. on the pack it says to tell your doctor if you have asthma befor taking, i have a mild case, it flares up so bad for the first few hours after i take my pill, i've been having to leave my window's open to help, but err yeah, winter in Canada, not exactly the greatest temputures outside but yeah. :redface:

anyways, other than that, nothing else too new i don't think.


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