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I look like a normal person again!!!!! Albiet one with maybe not the greatest skin ever, but not one with horrible fucking acne everywhere either.

Stuff got so much better during my sleep. Acne went down, big hard gross ones went down, only have five whiteheads compared to litterly the 30 from wednesday, thursday and yesterday. Some pretty big redspots where the zits were, but hell i will take that any day over those gross festering beasts that were there before.

Skin on my forehead, around and my nose and chin is VERY rough, I looked closely, cuz I was worried it would be more acne coming out, but what when i got right up to it, it turns out it's tons (and tons grossssss) of little tiny, not even a pin prick really, blackheads coming out, litterly probably like fifty of them. to the point where it just feels like sand paper almost when you run your fingers over it. but thats ok, cuz those shouldn't cause any problems, and when they are out, nice smooth skin.

i'm so scared to hope that that was it for the IB, but oh man I hope so, that sucked

have currently one medium one on my forehead, acouple dying ones on the sides of my face, three whiteheads beside each other on the left side of my nose and one the right side.

I think what might have helped, insane amounts of vitiman C, i got my sister to buy me a bottle of the Bolthouse farms c-boost stuff, which has, get this, in one cup %1250 of your daily intake of vitiman c, drank lots and lots of water, tryed not to touch my face, and tried to just not think about it, stress only makes things worse, went out to one of my more calmer friends houses last night for new years, we just watched movies on netflix, but it's just the getting out, talking, laughing, it all calms you down, it's good for your immune system.

anyways, here's to hopeing!!!! :redface:


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