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4 weeks down-dry butt? o.o



I have finished 4 weeks of Accutane!! :redface: I will see my dermatologist on monday to get another 30 days...not sure if he'll change my dosage, but we'll see. So something really embarrassing has happened to me. Yesterday I went to the doctor to get xray results on my knee, but I also went back to tell him about a painful little problem my butt was having :D He chekced me in and out :dance: and told me that I probably have a hemroid because he felt some internal abnormality :redface: He is sending me to a colonoscopist just to be certain and safe. I don't know if this is because of the Accutane, but I've never had this before :( maybe because of the dryness? Has anyone else had this problem while on Accutane?

I eat my fiber and drink lots of water...it's so uncomfotable :(

Anyway...my hands are very very dry they have rough patches on the tops and my lips are very dry as well, but the Aquaphor is helping out a lot :redface: Face is looking better, but ya know...still have acne :redface:

Happy New Year Everyone!!!! Be safe and have fun!! :dance:

Yours truly,


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i don't have that, but that doesnt mean anything. im feeling my dosage might not be high enough, i dont feel any side effects anymore (almost)hope it gets better!!!happy new year!!!

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