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Day 9



I wasn't going to post so soon butttt the dry lips side effect has worsened drastically. I went out last night and i had 3 drinks (jagerbombs) and it was fine, didn't feel like it'd hit me any more than normal, didn't feel sick or anything so that's a good sign... hopefully i'll be able to have a few tonight too new years eve :D

Anyway, as i was out i could feel my lips had loads of dry skin on them, like flaking off... i thought great stuff! So got out my e45 which didn't really help if i'm honest, so coated them with Carmex , like really glooped it on, but even that absorbed within about half an hour! The corner of my lip had a little crack too.. when i got home i put some vaseline on though and that seemed to work the best, so may just use that from now on.

The spots seem to be clearing up faster than they usually would, but more just keep coming. The ones i had in the groove of my nose have gone but more have replaced them a bit further above and on the other side :redface: it's mostly my 'muzzle area' (that sounds awful but it's how the dermatologist described it :redface:) that i get the spots.... and my temples too.

Oh well, i'm sure i'll be posting with some more changes soon,



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