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Day 30 - annoyed!



Totally annoyed! Just don't get my skin...

It's New Years Eve and I have social plans and my skin has to let me down again - great timing argggh!.

Woke up with a couple of inflammed pimples on my cheek this morning and they hurt :redface:

plus the one on my chin hasn't gone down - even with Epiduo treatment last 2 days.

What's frustrating about it this time is that I have been following these strict lifestyle/diet plans for the last few days (which I have been a HUGE CHALLENGE for me but I have been so good), so my skin is supposed to be doing better. Feel so let down. Feel like pigging out on chocolate right now.... Not a good idea...but it is tempting...

... so I am trying to be positive here, not freak out, be calm, and put things in perspective etc... it's so hard! I just want to scream!!

I definately have seen a reduction in my whiteheads/blackheads last few days. In fact, I haven't had any in almost a week! Thinking the Omega 3/6 is helping, along with increased water consumption.

But instead, now I am getting new red inflammed pimples???

Not sure why this is happening...??? Anyway, after my freak out this morning, I have definately calmed down, and tried to be less stressed. It's okay. Could be worse...

I do have a habit of touching my face, leaning on my hands etc.. wondering if I accidently spread the bacteria around. Okay, going to be conscious of keeping my hands off my face, and also change my pillowcases every second day. Have to get through this!! Have a good new year everyone!! Hope 2011 will bring less acne ... let's hope...


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