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Woe is me, or more specifically, my acne.



Like the rhyming title? Anyways, here goes nothing:

ACNE (ugh, such an ugly word) status currently: mild

y'know, the usual. blackheads, a few clogged pores (which I guess could be considered whiteheads but they really haven't formed a head.. if that makes sense), etc.

It hasn't been all that bad but I doubt the clear-ish-ness won't last come school Monday.

I'm pretty sure stress is the main cause of it but I really don't fancy meditation so I'll just deal.

Um, I'm pretty new to this site so I guess I'll list out what I'm currently using:

- Doryx (Doxycycline) 150 MG ~these work like a GOD!

- cleanser: Dove soap bar

- Cetaphil daily moisturizer

- Differin (lotion) 0.1% ~obviously very mild because of the lotion aspect of it

- Duac topical gel (1% clindamycia, 5% benzoyl peroxide)

^ not so sure about the last one's percentages because the way it's labeled is pretty unclear.

I'm really hoping to go on Accutane over the summer because although I said my acne is mild, that is only CURRENTLY. I've been through hell and back with my acne for about 3 years and it's never been as good as I've wanted it to be. I also have a LOT of scarring/hyperpigmentation, nothing too serious like ice-picks, but still enough to be self conscious over (and I'm considering getting Fraxel for that). YES, I do wear makeup, and a lot of it, but it would be nice to just have good skin without having to cake on a mask just to look presentable. Did I mention that I have oily skin? OILY, as in a frickin grease-pit within an hour of wearing makeup. Sucks balls but hello?! Accutane will solve that. Or at least I'm hoping it will. Once I get it... hopefully soon. Ugh. /rant over

Diet status: pretty poor, but hey. it's holiday break. sue me.

Aaand, I guess this is about it. I'll update in probably a week, maybe before that if there's anything to report.



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