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Day 2



Ahh, today is a good day, my friends.

Last night, I discovered a huge cyst (actually, not THAT huge, but a big one for me) on my cheek. I was freaking out because I'm going to a New Years Eve party, and want to look as good as possible. I used a guide I found on here (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/cyst-pimple-zit-t166343.html) and iced it, applied BP and Neosporin. Today, I took the bandaid off... I was very anxious, and WALA! It looked just like a little tiny red bump. It had a bit of scabbing (mostly from me picking it earlier :redface:) But, for what it was the night before, it was insanely tiny. I owe the guidemaker a huuuuge hug :redface:

Back to my experience. A lot of people complain about being nauseous will taking Doxycycline, and especially on a empty stomach. I took it today, empty stomach and all, and no nausea WHATSOEVER! I'm very glad :D My Epiduo does burn though, which isn't great. I can tell it'll dry out my face, which I'm worried about :/

OH WELL! All in all, hopefully my acne will clear up :redface:


I was on doxycycline a few months ago. I was fantastic! I tried several topical antibiotics but none gave me good results. Unfortunately near the end of the course the bacteria became immune andthe effects wore off. 2 months after I finished (which is now) I am starting accutane. I hope doxy works for you though!

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Oh, did it work up till then? I only am on it for a month, and I hope it works as well! That's too bad, though :boohoo: Good luck with accutane!

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