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30th december



skin is looking disgusting. well thatd be a lie everywhere is fine except the cyst that im getting the little party that they are having below my eye and inch away from nose.

it looks really nasty and red. the full bump hasnt come up yet. it is slightly bumpy i can feel it when i touch it and it hurts.

the cyst under it, which us under the surface is just ther chilling doing nothing.

the blocked pore seems better its not as big actually its kind of small but its still there.

the bp in this area doesnt seem to work. all it does it give it a shiny texture and make it look red looking!!!! im so frustrated now because bpo is usually ok for these things. im obv going to have to try something else

i think ill be trying the mario badescu drying cream tonite. if that doesnt go down well try the one for the cyst and if that doesnt go well go back to the bp.

im going to make a promise to myself that after ive gotten rid of the cyst im going to do the regimen her no matter how red it makes it. and to deal with the raw looking skin i think ill use less bp here moisturise alot and maybe use emu oil ontop. this could be something to try. i know for defo that emu oil doesnt break me out.


please skin please improve im cancelling my plans tomorrow becasue i cant face my gf with a face looking like this. :redface::D


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