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Past the 1st week! Day 8



I went into town yesterday and got some new products. I got Neutragena invigorating wash and the daily moisturizer, and the e45 lip balm. All seemed like they were working fine last night. I was using 'Simple' moisturizer and face wash before but it didn't seem like it was helping that much. When i was shopping yesterday usually by the end i'm like an oil slick, but there was just a bit of oilyness on my nose and that was it... and this morning i've hardly got any oil either, so i think things must be working! My little breakout seems to have cleared but there's a few more spots replacing them :D

I wear Estee Lauder double wear during the day which usually covers my skin up really well. But since starting accutane it just seems to make my skin go all flaky and then it looks rubbish during the day. I'm thinking because now my skins dryer it doesn't stay on as well. And then when i take it off at night it looks so much better, i'd take note of this and just wear no make up durign the day but my face is a lot redder after i've taken a shower and hours after that, so it'd look silly. Not sure if anyone else has this problem or whether it goes after a while?

I experienced a bit of a nose bleed this morning too. Not so much a nosebleed like gushing out of my nose, more like when i blew my nose there was blood :redface:

Oh and i felt sooooooo tired last night and it was quite early too! I just had to go to sleep, perhaps that's a side effect or it could be just the shopping from earlier :redface:

By the way i don't think i mentioned it before, but i'm female (probably guessed that already though! :redface:) and i'm 19.


PS... i desperately need to stop picking .......... i do it without realising !! :dance:


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