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Peppermint oil - 1 month update



Peppermint oil - 1 month update

No, I didn't forget about my blog. I always like to update when there is something to tell, but lately there just hasn't been much worth telling.

It's been about a month since I began applying peppermint oil to the left side of my nose. I've been doing it once a day at night before bed (the avocado oil mixture leaves me looking too oily for the daytime).

I wish I could say that the peppermint oil has made a huge difference in my sebum production, but the truth is that I'm in pretty much the same situation as when I posted those first pictures. I honestly can't tell if there has been an improvement or not. Sometimes I blot my nose and the oil appears to be lighter on the left side. But then sometimes I blot my nose and the oil distribution appears to be about even between the two sides.

December 22 after 3 hours: http://i51.tinypic.com/21m7vr5.jpg

December 27 after about 2 hours: http://i55.tinypic.com/3346ghw.jpg

You can thank my crappy camera for the inconsistent image quality. Using these for comparison with my other pictures is slightly complicated because I don't remember how long my oil had been building up when I snapped those original pictures.

So this turned out to be a pretty big disappointment. One positive thing that came out of this experiment is the discovery that peppermint oil seems to do a respectable job of cleaning up my skin. The left side of my nose looks a little better than the rest of my nose. Breakouts and clogged pores seem to be much more rare on the left side of my nose, the pores look cleaner, and the general texture of the skin looks smoother (a nice benefit since I'm dealing with rough skin right now). If you saw just the left side of my face you would think I had normal skin, barring the oil. I can't say with 100% certainty that this is an effect of the peppermint oil, but it's convinced me to start applying peppermint oil to my entire nose, replacing tea tree oil as my go-to acne treatment.

I'll update with a general progress report later on, and obviously if I do end up noticing a reduction in oil then I will make a post about it. And if you are considering trying peppermint oil yourself, by all means do it. Just because it hasn't worked for me doesn't mean it won't work for you. Heck, it's even possible that I just didn't get a good brand of peppermint oil, or that the avocado oil I used somehow interfered with the process. Who knows.

Next plan of action

So now it's time to decide which topical treatment to experiment with next. Right now I've got my eye on Nizoral shampoo, Panoxyl 10%, Nobiletin, Niacinamide, and Spironolactone. I'm open to suggestions if anybody has some. I'm sick of having oily skin and I feel like experimenting with a bunch of products is my only real option right now.

On the supplement side of things, I've decided to buy Boswellia after coming across a few isolated success stories on the internet. I'm also going to buy some spearmint tea which is supposedly anti-androgenic.

Oh, and I'm quitting the topical EGCg extract. It just doesn't seem to be making any difference whatsoever, except possibly causing minor breakouts. I've switched over to taking it orally. 400mg twice a day. Hopefully that will give me better results, though I worry about the caffeine (inflammatory).


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