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and the apprehension begins....



so i'm about to graduate from a program called americorps, a domestic peace corps of sorts- in about one months time. being 20, and having suffered since 13, i never thought it could get worse. benzaclin, differin, BC, monocycline, tetracycline, bacterium, proactiv, acne free, burts bees, clean and clear....like literally name anything you want i've tried it and been miserably disappointed. its gotten to the point where i quit my job as a life guard because i was scared of going in the water and my make up rubbing off. i can't take showers without bringing make up into the bathroom with me. i dont work out because i know sweating and make up don't mix.i don't feel comfortable sleeping over friends houses. and i pretty much only go out at night because i fear natural sunlight draws attention to it. i've let my acne take over my life, and its only gotten worse in my program because we move from one end of the country to the polar opposite every month. its like a nightmare program for skin.

i can't even go out to the mail box without make up on. its got to stop.

so i figured, put together all the money i spend on make up and experimental acne meds, i feel like accutane, should it work, will be a worthy investment. i've gotten over my fear of needles and went on BC and i'm ready...i think.

the only thing is....i'm worried about getting a job once i start! i've been known to call in ugly to work before (seriously...i'm pathetic haha). but having dry, peely skin is sure to keep me in my bedroom cave all day. is it hard or rather- inconvenient- to carry out normal day to day activities with your skin throwing scaly skin/ pimple parties on your face?

thanks you all. this website was the final factor that made me decide- after 5 years- to go on accutane. i'm ready to be as beautiful and confident as all ya'll!!!

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good luck! you are not alone. I share most of the things u mentioned above. Especially the 'cant take shower without carrying make up to bathroom' it is me! I cant leave home without make up, ever! It is cos im a skin picker, leaving scars. Through this site I realised it is a serious psychological situation to pick skin and I want to help myself healing.What I can comment on your quest is, accutane does work. I used accutane before and it worked but then cos of my skin picking here I am back where I started. The dosage is very important make sure you have a good doc. My doc gave me very very small dose, then he updated giving more dose after 2 months so that side effects were minimalized and skin didnt break out. He gave me a week antibiotics prior to starting accutane so skin doesnt break out like crazy.Best thing while using accutane is you no more search acne products online offline like crazy :boohoo: cos u take regular pills. using mildest softest products for sensitive skin is like heaven when on accutane!

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