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Still going okay



Happy to report that things are still going okay!

Been following my normal skincare regimen and really focusing on lifestyle changes.

Have been sleeping well, eating well (less sugar/junk, more fresh food), and drinking 2-3L of water/green tea.

Have also been taking Chia seeds, and pumpkin seeds for Omega 3.

Have had one small pimple on my chin (today), but nothing else. No new blackheads/whiteheads. I have been hardly using Epiduo (yay!)...

except I am now treating the new pimple area with Epiduo - hope it works!!

End of nxt week, I have to be off Epiduo altogether (incase of pregnancy).

I still have lots of hyperpigmentation, and some whiteheads under my skin but that is okay. As long as I can control not getting any new ones, the others will fade/go away with time.

Lifestyle changes are definately helping. Not sure if it is the water or Omega 3, or both, but skin is looking much better.

The lifestyle changes have been really hard. I get lazy, but then I feel guilty. Sticking to it consistently is really important. I think that will remain being a challenge for me.

I am still allowing myself small treats... e.g. fun size choc bar with my green tea (I will die without some reward!) but overall, my diet has improved. I also have been managing my stress better, which I think is really important. I have been going out and doing things. I am going through this phase where I don't give a crap about what others think. I don't wear make-up and I am not fussed... I just go out and do my own thing. It's weird, I wasn't doing this a few weeks ago (when my skin was looking the same/if not better)...I think I am just over it. The weather is so nice outside and I am getting depressed just hiding out at home.. I try to go places where I won't see people I know. It's always a little risky, but right now, I feel free doing this !!


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