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Hello internet and company. Well I've been on the regimen now for...a long time. Junior year this year is absolutely crazy, so I haven't really had time or energy to come on and make a post. Thankfully its now winter break (yes I still have HW to do that I can't finish by the end, GAAH) so I do have the energy to write in this blog yet again! :redface:

So I visited my family in Texas recently. After being on the regimen for ALMOST a year, missing two applications (one on the flight there, and one on the flight back) really didn't hurt me. My family was thrilled my skin cleared up (though they wouldn't tell me directly, only my dad).

For the longest time I neglected to use sunscreen because what I had ran out, and I didn't want to ask my dad for money to get more. Recently I ordered TWO bottles of it (Paula Begoun 45+) so I am set to start using AHA+ again! I'll probably have to go through a purge again, but even when I do get acne it goes away fairly quickly and I don't even mind it anymore. Its so much better than it was. My acne is smaller and scarce, and usually can't even be seen from small distances.

As for swimming, if any of you were curious from my previous post, I did join the team and I finished the season! My first meet went really well because I was hyped up on this energy powder stuff (apparently it was loaded with caffiene and I didn't know), so when League came (junior varsity championships) I realized I was placed pretty high for what I could actually do. Swimming was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. Especially with all the academic challenges of junior year. I started off really good, but eventually lost momentum and just bided my time until the season was over. I did have more acne during that period but it cleared up just fine. And swimming didn't cause it, it was the stress of the sport with school that did (and my goggles which flipped everytime I dived for a while).

As for personally...my confidence has definitely skyrocketed. I felt mucho confident during swimming because my body was in shape, my BACK was clear too even though I don't wash or treat it, AND I had awesome visible skin (actually got compliments). I still have awesome skin for my face, but my back broke out again and I gained some weight. (not too much but enough to bug me..plus you know..the holidays..xD) so I NEEEEEEED to find a pool. Once my bronchitis clears up (yes I got it AGAIN...) I'll start exercising. Exercise helps soo much. Oh yeah and by the way, I got a boyfriend. A good one. So for any of you who are going through tough times, it ain't permanent unless you let it be! Here's my advice:

Even if you have horrible cystic acne, don't take that as an excuse to feel bad about yourself. Love yourself! Your skin will change, its organic matter. Weight is also a state of being, not permanent. Have patience. I give the regimen my superior (not really but whatever) stamp of APPROVAL, but even though my skin is clear I still struggle with personal issues (like the passing of my mom last july..), I still have to work really hard in school, and I still feel insecure now and then in my new relationship (and not just the one with the guy, but the one with myself). Then I remember that its probably all in my head. Remind yourself that you are beautiful. It doesn't take clear skin. It doesn't take fancy clothes. It takes a new perspective on life. Clear skin, clean teeth, clean hair, healthy weight, those are all matters of taking care of yourself. If you love yourself, you'll want to take care of your body for the right reasons. Thats my lecture for today! Good day/night everybody!


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