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Week 1 review



Hey guys! I hope everyone had a GREAT Christmas! I know I did. I thought my face was going to be a mess for it but it wasn't! The dryness has continued but it honestly isn't too bad. I keep lotion on me at all times and I apply a little when need be. I was going to get some jojoba oil from GNC when I was at the mall but they apparently only have it online. So I am going to see how much theirs is compaired to Dan's and see how much shipping is. Whoever is cheaper is going to get my business! I also have a couple new pustules but nothing too bad. They go away rather fast and it is as if they were never there. I can't be too sure whether I got them because I am still getting use to the regimen or if it is just my skin. Who really knows?! I have no complaints except I missed my morning application yesterday because I was so sick and didn't get out of bed until 7pm so hopefully I don't break out. I did wake up with a couple new ones but they are on my jaw line - well, just under my jaw line so they aren't too noticeable. I will take pictures of the progress and post them soon. I hope everyone else on the regimen is seeing positive results!! For now, I am and hopefully it just keeps getting better!


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