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Omg, my mouth area at this point looks like I spent the weekend on a crazy meth binge. lol, most of the acne on my lower sides is not active anymore, but in their wake they've left these crusty scabs/dried up old zits (gross I know, lol), I don't want to peel them off cuz I know it'll just make everything take longer, but yeah, right beside my mouth, some along my lip line, tons of gross crusts. Sexxxy. Haha.

Other than that, I got a H.U.G.E zit that started, came up, went to head, and dried up all in the space of about 12 hours, I don't think it's meant to happen that fast cuz the pain of it forcing it's way through my poor cheek atually woke me up last night at about 3am.

I\m looking forward to tommorow tho, it seems like it's all drying up now, maybe gonna start getting better each day, which would be awesome. only one new one on my bottom right cheek, and a small one on my forehead.

Dead skin is also starting to flake off, did a gentle baking soda scrub last night, took care of most of that.

So far: Happy with how things are going! :redface:


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