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11 Weeks, 5 days (Day 82)



I could be wrong on the day, but I know I'm almost done with month 3! I had a shocking experience over the holiday weekend and I thought I would share...

I live in South Texas in an extremely hot, humid climate and over the holidays I spent about 5 days in the upper midwest where the weather was about 50 degrees colder and much drier. From the second I got off the plane, my accutane side effects went rampant. My eczema flared up like nothing I've seen before. My shoulders, arms and hands were covered in a burning red rash and I literally had to sit in front of a box fan for an hour (When eczema first appears, it feels reminiscent of a chemical burn-like you spilled bleach on your skin and let it sit). Now, I'm left with scaly, dry skin on the tops of my arms and no amount of lotion is softening it. My face was peeling a lot more and I had 4 bloody noses in 3 days.

Now that I have returned to the South, things are better. I guess I'm pretty lucky to be living where I do during my accutane treatment!

As for my skin, it is looking pretty good. I still have one lingering cyst that will sort of swell up for a few days, then go down, and repeat. It's been there for about a month and once it leaves for good, I think my cake-make-up days just might be over.

Accutane is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me! It has completely changed the look and feel of my skin. There's one thing I notice recently that I absolutely love...before accutane, I would wash my face and it would be really red and splotchy-not just where I had blemishes, but all over. Before I could let anyone see me, I would have to dot coverup pretty much all over my face. Now, I can wash my face and it is all one smooth color. It doesn't have that irritated, inflamed, splotchy look anymore. Even right when I get out of the shower, it is very....calm looking.

I am so excited to see the end result of my accutane treatment, but even if this were as far as it went, my life would be changed forever.

Early accutaners, happy days are in your future :redface:


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