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My progress thus far



Unfortunately right now my face is at its absolute worst. I have never seen it look so bad. I have never had so many inflamed pimples in my face all at once. In my last post I said that I was just going to try using ACV. It did work for about 3 weeks and I saw a big difference in my acne. A lot of the acne had gone down and my marks looked to be fading. Around the time of my period however, I broke out pretty badly. That discouraged me from using ACV as a primary acne solution. I went back to using BP cream, but I used it with the ACV. My regimen went as follow:

1. Wash face with clean and clear facial cleanser

2. Rub ACV all over face with cotton ball

3. Rub Neutrogena BP cream all over face.

4. Use facial moisturizer.

I only did this at night. In the mornings, I would just wash and then apply my makeup. I noticed that my face would become too dry to do this, so I started applying aloe vera and moisturizer before my makeup. I did this for about 2 months. I didn't see any improvement to my face. My face got worse and worse as time progressed. Now it's completely at its worst! I don't know what happened. Yes I'm sure my period contributed to my breakout, but it's never been this bad! I recently changed my ACV in the last 2 weeks and started using a generic store bought one rather than my organic one. Could that have been the problem? Is my face too irritated from everything I've been doing?

I can't help but think that is the main cause of my face being this bad. I apply so much to my face, it's no wonder it looks as terrible as it does. For the new year I will apply less to my face. I will continue with my regimen but I will remove ACV altogether. I will only stick with cleanser, bp cream and moisturizer.

This will be my new regimen:

1. Wash face with clean and clear foaming facial cleanser. I will try to be more gentle because I've noticed I'm not as gentle as I should be :/

2. Use BP cream only on existing acne.

3. Use facial moisturizer and I will also be applying this more gently.

I'm very tempted to buy jojoba oil to mix with my current moisturizer. When I apply my moisturizer I don't think it does a very good job and my face still feels pretty dry after wards. I'll look into buying one tomorrow. Right now I just feel like wearing a bag over my head, but I can't let my acne discourage me. I'm experimenting right now and I hope that my "less is more" approach works. I can't imagine it making my face worse, because I'll be applying less to it. I'll see how it goes and post pics soon


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