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month 7



so no it didnt come up BUT I got a pastule near my mouth, which has gone now thanks god for that!.

ANAYWAYS i am yet again so scared and yet frustrated. the cyst under the thingy seems to be looking slightly raised!!!! i hope it doesnt come up up!!! please god dont im scared its going to be ugly/!! i keep putting emu oil oi it but i dont know if itl do anything to it.

so hopefully it wont come up!!!

blocked pore is still under it, i think its going to be nasty and inflamed in due time:cry:

please skin improve and dont breakout i really beg you. i have exams soon and i really dont want to be worrying about you on top of that :redface:

going to see the gf 2moro so skin dont breakout!!

Also skin complexion is looking somewhat uneven and blotchy fml!!!


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