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Going okay



Been feeling good the last few days! Skin has been pretty good...

Haven't had any new breakouts. Still have a few existing whiteheads and lots of hyper pigmentation, but it's a relief not to have to worry about new pimples. Have accepted that there isn't much I can do about my hyper pigmentation - I have to wait for them to fade (in a hundred years time argggh)

Not sure why things have been okay... having a few good skin days is really scary... i am just waiting for it to turn bad...

My lifestyle has finally (yes finally!) picked up! i have been sleeping well, drinking 2-3 litres of water, and eating better.

Been on my normal regimen of Dermalogica products, manuka honey, and using Epiduo (only small amount on affected areas). My usage of Epiduo has definately reduced as my skin has improved, which is a relief because my skin has been super dry lately because of Epiduo. Haven't tried any new products. No more ACV. Been taking chia seeds and sunflower seeds for Omega 3. I don't know if it is the Epiduo or the Omega 3 or the increased water intake, but my skin has been less oily lately.

Perhaps the Omega 3 and increased water intake is helping me...

Ofcourse one day without good sleep, and my skin will turn on me again.

All these factors seem to really add up...

I am freaking out because I was a bit naughty today and had some chocolate (i have been good for so long, but I got some red lindt balls for xmas, and they are my fav, and I couldn't help it!!!)...hopefully my skin will be okay.

Really, I am OVER worrying about every little thing. I mean what sort of life is this, when you have to worry about every little treat you eat, feel guilty and stress about your skin no end... arghhhhh!!! Having said this, I think I will regret it when I look in the mirror tomorrow!! Diet does affect my skin. Hopefully not too much this time! I won't have any tomorrow. I even turned down a glass of wine today because I was scared my skin might break out and it's been good so far. Geeeeeeeeeez, the things we acne sufferers go through!! Bit dramatic I know :redface:


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