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Well, looks like the IB is here, the bottom left and right sides of my face are probably their own ecosystems at this point. lol. Eleven on my left side, four on the right. BUT, what's actually not that bad about all of this is... everywhere else, looks really f-ing good, my forehead, my upper cheeks, temple area, chin, completely clear, not only that, but the skin looks pretty good, not just clear but healthy looking. Everything is coming out so fast that one day it's hard little red bumps under my skin, the next day, it's a totally akward looking giant whitehead, lol, i'm just leaving them do their thing tho, I have the next couple days off work, i'm not visiting my family this year, friends already know what's going on so they're more impressed than anything... haha. But yeah, just drying them out and hopefully they\ll be gone as quick as they came up.

other than that, no real bad side effects do far, but not really that far into dose, lips are starting to get pretty chapped tho, that's for sure.

Had some alchole last night, hopefully my liver isn't a shrivled up rasin at this point.



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