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Week 17, day 117! omg!!



:D.... That's pretty much how I feel about my skin now!! :redface:...

I'm sorry I havent posted any updates about my course for over a month, I guess I wasnt experiencing any big changes on my skin until now.

Skin condition: I've realised that the feared IB is a relatively serious side effect because it can last from 2 weeks up to the very last day of the whole course depending on each case.

in my case, I'm still having some few breakouts even after taking this medicine for 4 months, yet my face has cleared up in a 85%!! it's just amazing!! :redface:

My forehead, which was the most affected part, is now the clearest area of my face whereas my cheeks, which werent too bad in the beginning, have been breaking out for the last 2 months, but it's nothing serious, no cysts, no big lumps, no horrible stuff just some pimples around...

The redness has also improved a lot, I'm still getting scars and red spots though and it's easy to see the open pores left behind but I'm glad i'm going through a chemical peeling next month to solve this prob...

by the end of my treamtent I will also have a laser treatment for my red spots, I'm really looking forward to seeing my final results :dance::redface:

So, after waiting for over 4 months I'm finally experiencing a huuuge positive change on my skin! this med really works and it's definitely worth all the patience and stuff!

Btw! Ive been raised my dose, im taking 20mg a day now...cool stuff is yet to come :redface:

Thanks for reading and merry christmas :(:dance:!!

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Thanks for giving me hope... I'm in month 3 and am feeling pretty discouraged! I guess I'll just be patient. :)Merry Christmas!

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