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Day 148 - Small breakout, nose pain, lip crack



so the day before yesterday i noticed like 3 little tiny bumps on my cheek. i kinda freaked out and picked at them (i know, bad) but anyways today they are prety much totally gone! if i wasnt on accutane im sure i would have them for another 2 weeks lol. i did put bp on them just in case and it worked out fine. these were the first pimples (i wouldnt even call them that) ive got in about 3 months so im not complaining! also, my nose has been KILLING me lately. its sooo dry and crusty and painful. ive tried nasal gels which do nothing basically now ive resorted to vaseline in my nostrils every night. ughh i want the inside of my nose to be normal again. not only that but it looks all dry and nasty around the outside too. also my lip crack is still around and worse than ever. anyways merry xmas!


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