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this winter season is giving my skin a hard time to heal.. i have to put on moisturizer from time to time... and it pays a lot of help.. the persistent itch has gone and im feeling so much better now.. im off antibiotics 2 weeks ago.. and the infection has subsided already... though sometimes ill be seeing bumps filled with pus and all i have to do is scratch it with gauze then put betadine on it and tomorrow it will gone.. now, im left with scars and just a few bumps.. i wouldnt have to hide my face like this --> :redface: if only i could during my IB! haha!

im still on 20mg/day and its working just fine.. people around me are seeing noticeable changes.. and they're telling i look just fine.. my confidence is back too.. i could like talk to people and not worry about the things going in their head about my acne.. bumps on my cheeks, temple area, chin and cheekbones are gone.. only a few ones around my jawline, that really dont matter at all.. :D and... what else??

yeah.. im also sick,, maybe my immune system has gone weak because of the antibiotics ive been taking months before accutane and during my accutane course.. so now im trying to refuse any medication, except for accutane coz i really dont want my kidneys and liver to suffer..

good that im seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but itll take a while to get there.. so guys... hang in there... the worst part of the medication will be over soon.. just be positive. :dance: .. and also here's a funny thought.. hahaha!!! i have observed that the medicine works without stress.. if we keep on stressing at the sight of acne then the worse it will break out.. then i stopped whining about it.. in an instant.. my face got a million times better... try it! :redface: Christmas is a YAY! for me.. :redface::dance:

hmmm.. thats all for now.. i think.. :redface: ill try to update more often...

im praying for a fast progress and complete recovery to all accutane-takers :( MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! :(


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