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Blogity blog blog.



Sooo the whiteheads died down, which is great, but i woke up with a painful ass whitehead on my upper lip line, because i DO break out there often, so i have to apply BP basically ON my lips, and i haven't lately because i hate how it feels, but whenever i get spots there, they tend to linger for MONTHS, so i'm going to go back to applying lots of BP there.

also upping my BP to three pumps, not sure if its a permanent thing, but i'm keeping it like this until i'm out of the -danger- zone with the new cleanser, if i don't break out in the next month, i'll lower it back to two and a half, and then MAYBE two, to save BP. but not any lower (not until i'm consistently clear for at least six months, then i'll SLOWLY, slowly decrease, like, an eighth of a pump every week) until i'm using one pump or less.

Going to try to get birth control as well, to help with that, since BC is supposed to help acne a bit.

Got another little -bump- on my chin, but it won't turn into anything, its probably just a pore purging up another clog, i've been getting those a lot lately.

Also, i've been drinking goats milk lately, since it doesn't upset my stomach, and doesn't seem to break me out (knock on wood >_>) so thats nice, the taste is a bit... well, exactly how you'd imagine goats milk to taste... goat-y. so that'll take some getting used to.

Over and out.


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