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Changes to my diet...



Why did I decide to change my regimen?


I was pretty good at taking them all everday. I made a table listing what to take in the morning, what to take in the afternoon, and what to take at night. Then I had 7 boxes on the side so I could mark each day of the week that I took the pills.

My skin was improving, but I was frustrated about how many pills I was taking. I told myself that I would relax about and avoid stressing out if I forgot a pill.... but that's unlike me. If I went to bed without taking my niacin, I would think about it until I got out of bed and took it.

So I edited my chart.

It now looks like this:

Fish Oil


Candida Cleanse




Fish Oil




I take the first 3 in the morning, the next 3 in the afternoon, and the next two at night. BM stands for bowl movement--for that box I tick how many BMs I had that day. W stands for water--I tick how many glasses of water I have that day.

What am I doing talking about bowel movements??

---The body needs to detox. The body tries to remove toxicity in any way possible, which sometimes ends up being through the skin (pimples). To decrease the skin removing any toxins, you need to provide another way out. I have been taking a fiber pill and 2 glasses of water each morning before any breakfast. Then I have my BM and can have breakfast after that. I've been having about 3 BMs/day and my skin is clearing up.


I also changed my cleansing method a bit. What I was doing was working, but then I ran out of cleanser. As I had bought everything imaginable in the past, I had plenty of old, harsh, painful cleansers--- but I decided I was done with that. Skin care does not need to be painful.

I had read about the oil cleansing method, so I decided to try that. I was told that olive oil is too thick of an oil for my skin (and from experience it didn't help). I had recently bought some grapeseed oil, so I decided to use that to clean my face.

I rubbed some grapeseed oil into my skin, covered my face with a towel soaked with hot water, and repeated the steaming with the towel a few times. I did not apply any moisturizer afterwards, since my skin was comfortable. I waited a few minutes to see if I would need any, but my skin stayed moisturized from the oil. When I woke up my skin looked much tighter and less red. For the morning, I rinsed my face and applied my usual moisturizer.

I have been using the oil at night and, since I found some more cleanser, my usual cleanser in the morning. Sometimes I just use water in the morning.

My skin is improving.

It is still frustrating, as there are still pimples and blemishes there. I am trying to enjoy the normal colored patches of skin that are emerging. My dark circles under my eyes have lessened as well. I believe in the power of positive thinking and am trying to tell myself that this will go away. I will keep up my lifestyle (diet change, skin care) and it will clear my skin.

I am currently inspired by a line in a song I'd like to share: "Some things I cannot change, but til I try, I'll never know."

Might as well go for it--change may be possible. :redface:


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