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Hey, here I am



Why am I writing this? I've been inspired by the people here. Hopefully I'll soon have my own inspirational story.

As for my past... I got acne when I was 10 years old. I got acne and my period that year--huge hormonal changes, especially for someone so young. I remember always being bullied about my acne. My older brothers had severe acne and I had developed moderate-severe acne at a young age. My face was always red and irritated. As I grew older and got into high school, I fortunately found a good group of friends and was never bullied about my skin. I still, however, went through bouts of depression about my skin.

I had seen dermatologists over the years, and I cannot remember one good experience with a dermatologist. I felt that they were uninterested in my concerns--it seemed like they had a blanket remedy for everyone. They never asked me questions. I thought they would want to do experiments with my skin--but that was up to me.

My acne got really severe when I was 16 years old. I didn't want to see anybody. If anyone was rude or unkind to me for any reason, I attributed it to my acne.

I told myself that my acne would go away by the time I was 18. My brothers seemed to "miraculously" clear up, so I thought I would, too.

Then 18 came, and my acne was still severe. I thought, Ok, maybe when I'm 21 it will be gone.

I don't know why I felt that with every "monumental" birthday my skin would change.

But now I am 25 and I've had acne for 15 years.

I've tried topicals, antibiotics, B5, dermatologists, masks, doing nothing to my skin, and probably some more things.

What made me consider the holistic approach?

My husband and I watched a video (yes, I'm married. And I am still terribly upset that I couldn't have close up photos of my husband and myself on our wedding day. Any close up photos show my acne through the make up. So disappointing.) about health and food. This video encouraged allowing the body to heal itself by giving it the proper nutrition. They showed cases of people who had cured serious diseases through eating fresh, raw food and taking vitamins.

I tried everything else... so why not?

That was the beginning of November.

I decided to eliminate:


sugar (or at least keep it low)

fried foods (which I already been avoiding)

white bread

red meat

I decided to eat:

fresh vegetables

healthy snacks (hummus & veggies, almond butter & apple, etc.)

eat small meals more often (to keep sugar level consistent)


Fish oil






D with Calcium



Candida Cleanse (probiotic pill)





Topical Regimen:

I went to whole foods and talked to the skincare people there... they recommended a gentle cleanser with some oils in it. I was uncertain, but I went with it. I also got a natural lotion to go with it. I figured if this stuff is safe to eat then it is safe to apply to my largest organ (skin).

I had been on these supplements and this diet for 5 weeks. I was noticing a difference. I read some people's blogs that said it took them 4 months to see a change.

Sooo.... how did it go?

I waited until I saw some changes to take photos of my skin (and I will get them up when I figure it out), so I don't have photos of when my skin was really bad.

I DID notice a difference. I stopped getting cystic acne. Patches of regular color skin (like the skin color on my neck or ear) started showing up on the outsides of my eyes. My skin really was red all over. But the peachy skin color began expanding. A small strip of peachy went from my eyes to my chin. It kept spreading.

This was after 5 weeks, I had 6 pimples and the others were clearing up. My pimples have always taken a long time to clear up.

I took pictures and was feeling good about my skin.

There was, however, still a lot of pink. I still wore makeup everyday. I still felt like people were staring at my acne. The emotional part of it really is a huge bi......

The rest of the story and the changes to come in the next entry....


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