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Day 24: Healing.



Hi guys,

So it's been a while since I've posted. For me, this is a good thing - it means I haven't been obsessing over my face haha

My PD has been doing better, I've started using my cleanser and my moisturizer again like I used to. I'm still on the antibiotics so I'm hoping those will fight off the last of it. It seems to be doing much much better but I'm left with these horrible red marks. They're just on my chin and the skin seems to be slightly bumpy, not a whole lot, just uneven. Does anyone have any good recommendations for red marks? Preferably something that won't aggravate PD.

Looks like I should be better by the new year though, which is good!! I'll hopefully find time to keep posting and filling you in with my recovery.

Stay strong guys!



Hi Hoots.... Looks like you are doing better with your pod. I have had a bout of it for approx. 2 months now. I was perscribed a mild antibiotic or antisepic gel; which wasn't doing the trick. I asked for something else and was givin a cortizone cream.... well we all know how that works. I used it was excited; things were looking better then stopped and it came back with a vengence! I now have it so bad that it hurts; looks horrible and is making my life hell! I went to the dermatologist; he gave me an antibiotic cream clindamycin and a pill. Well; unfortunatley I can't take the oral anti right now because I am on another one Amoxicillian for an ear infection. I am at my wits end. I need someone who has had this and treated it in a similar way to tell me what they did to get it to clear up. I am soooooo tempted to use that cortizone cream; but I know the results will not be good down the road! Please send any suggestions! It looks monsterous and it hurts and itches like crazy! Even with the clindamycin gel I am noticing nothing and more bumps keep popping up. Can't wait to hear back from you!thanks karen

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i just finished going through this and it was horrible! i've never had bad skin! i was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis 2 months ago - i was told it was a result of using a strong cortisone cream on my face for almost 2 years (shouldn't they put on the tube DO NOT USE ON FACE). i was prescribed doryx (antibiotic), finacea and another strong acne cream and told to use cetaphil to wash. i had dryness and bumps around my mouth and eyes and lots of regular looking zits on my forehead. the zits went away on my forehead but moved to my cheeks, got worse around my eyes and mouth and my skin was so scaly. i'd been looking on message boards for other ideas and tried yogurt but didn't help. also stopped taking birth control pills and stopped using fluoride toothpaste but didn't work. then i thought why are all these people using cortisone on their face, why do they even have it? don't we all have eczema? i had been prescribed the strong cortisone cream to treat eczema on my arms. i had been washing my face with coconut oil and using the cortisone because it was the only thing that didn't make me break out. so what i figured was the cortisone effectively treated the dryness, eczema, whatever but for the parts of my face that weren't dry all the excessive moisture caused acne. so now i wash with cetaphil or aveeno calming face wash, use an anti acne moisturizer on my entire face, then use something very rich on the super dry parts around my mouth and eyes - so far i've found atopalm, neosporin, and cortaid (i know i know, just a tiny bit) all work. if a zit pops up without dryness around it i use zit cream. and i'm cured! i just wish i could return all the expensive antibiotics and creams my insurance-less self had to buy. maybe it's possible i didn't actually have perioral dermatitis?

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