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The Beggining!




So this is my first attempt to actually put down in words the story behind my horrible, horrible skin.

I'm going to be 21 now in a couple of weeks and lets say it's been a horrible 7 years or so. Got my first bout of acne around age 13 or 14 and it has just gotten worse every day. Spent a huge amount of money on derms and all sorts of treatments and lets just say It hasn't exactly been fruitful in the long term.. :D I not only have acne but a mild case of rosacea. Yeah, It's been utter shits! Been on Roaccutane twice.. around 6 months each time. Acne came roaring back after a month of discontinuation each time. I've been on all sorts of antibiotics too and while on them I stay beautifully clear. However, a week or two after I stop taking them my face gets HORRIBLE. I get acne ALL OVER MY FREAKIN' FACE! Tried homeopathic treatment (sucks!) for two months this summer with NO IMPROVEMENT whatsoever. Still got horrible scars all over my cheeks from it. It was a nightmare I don't want to repeat. Got back to the derm right after that and since then I've been on my old meds.

So, currently I'm on:


Oxytetracycline 250 mg twice a day,

Metronidazole gel 0.75%, ( application: twice a day)

Lubrex lotion with hydro cortisone cream 1%

My face condition is not very good. Got multiple scars from the whole homeopathic experience and some old ones before that. My cheeks are red, scarred and blotchy. Rosacea flares up when I'm even mildly stressed. Currently do not have any acne BUT my skin is in a pathetic condition. It's always been very oily. Tends to get OILY AS WELL AS FLAKY.. I don't know how to explain that.. :redface:

The reason why I decided to start this blog is just as much for my benefit as for anybody out there reading this. I've never as such noted down my eating habits and such and maybe this could lead me to stumble upon some elusive piece of fact I'm brainlessly missing and which could help me out here.. :redface: hmm.

So, anyway one thing that has got me rather excited since the past two weeks. I don't drink much water. I don't know, never developed the habit. I usually drink maybe 3 glasses a day.. sometimes 4. Now, a fortnight ago I just decided to increase my intake of water. I'm averaging at around 2-2.5 litres everyday since then and guess what? My skin texture seems to be improving. At least people around me are constantly pointing that out. I guess I've always been kind of dehydrated and now that my skin is getting sufficient water, It's getting moisturized? :dance:

Anything for a little hope, I guess. I plan to stick on drinking this amount of water for at least 3 months to see more obvious results.

Along with this I'm now starting a diet regimen which I WILL strictly follow and enter my experience here as often as I can. It's simply cutting out any and all sources of sugar and processed foods and sticking to raw vegetables and fresh fruit/fruit juices. I will give it 7 days as a trial. It's going to be really HARD ( I LOVE FOOOD) but again, anything for a little hope, right?

So, today is 22nd of December. This trial should last till 29th of December. I will write every day what I ate/drank and how much I ate/drank. Hopefully, I'll be able to complete this goal and have something positive to report everyday! :redface:

Bye for now!



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