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I THINK ceraVe is breaking me out.

I have around 5-10 pseudo-whiteheads (By that i mean whiteheads without the... well, white, just pink bumps basically) all over, and those only pop up when i'm about to break out, but i'm giving ceraVe a full trial course, so until i see an ACTUAL pimple, i won't drop it.

I pray to GOD its not a breakout though, i LOVE ceraVe, its fucking amazing, my skin feels so soft and supple after using it, and despite the slight burning sensation sometimes, its a beautiful cleanser.

i really wish i knew what was in these -gentle skin- cleansers that break me out though! i thought it was the SLS in cetaphil gentle, but cetaphil antibacterial didn't have it and still broke me out... but maybe it was just the fact that its a bar soap, but what could possibly be in ceraVe that would irritate my skin?

Its weird, i use eucerin, and theres a handful of -comedogenic- ingridients in there, yet i have no problems with it? i don't change my method of cleansing when i switch cleansers either, and i make sure to get all my dead skin off, so it really couldn't be anything, yet i still break out.

I thought maybe it was just something i ate? but without a doubt, whenever i stop using said cleansers, breakouts cease INSTANTLY, literally the next day they're half the size they were and not painful at all.

Fucking weird man.


I've heard good things about CeraVe. Cetaphil Antibacterial Bar contains Sodium Chloride (aka salt), which is comedogenic as hell when put on your face in a cleanser/topical product. CeraVe should fix you up. Does it foam well? I was thinking about maybe trying to find a foaming cleanser so I only have to get BP from Dan.

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It actually doesn't foam at all.its really thick, like grey-white colored lotion, thicker than cetaphil gentle actually.but it feels really nice on my skin, and isn't drying whatsoever.

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