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... and bring on the flakes



I woke up today and my face felt tight. I didn't even have to look in the mirror to know that it was drier than usual. So I did my regimen and morning routine (luckily there was no snow on my car so I had time to actually eat breakfast) and when I was done applying the BP, my face was really dry. I put on the moisterizer and all was well except my chin is dry. But my chin has always been the driest part on my face anyway so it's nothing new. It has been flaky this morning but I have a tiny lotion bottle on my desk that I have been using forever and I know it doesn't break me out so I have been dabbing a tiny bit on my chin every couple hours. We will see how that turns out. Since my boyfriend is a super procrastisanta we are going shopping on Thursday night and I plan to stop at GNC and get some jojoba oil and start adding that to my moisterizer. Hopefully that will cure my problem. And hopefully I won't have new problems after that. I.E. breakouts, redness, etc. I will let you know how that goes!


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