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Day 21

Ryan C


I had to stop using the BP twice a day. My face was flaking like crazy again, red, irritated ARGHHHH. The past 3 days I have used it once a day. I have been using 1 pump, and plan on keeping it at 1 pump for awhile. I ordered some of Paula's Choice 2% BHA gel, and plan on using that in the morning like I would normally use BP. I did this because the comedonal acne that I have simply sits there and waits to become inflamed. This is very frustrating, because BP doesn't seem to zap those fuckers. I have heard good things about this combination, and I hope that it works for me. I actually somehow really think that it will. BP has been doing a great job, but I still see the clogged pores sitting there... just waiting for their day to claim a red mark on my face. Hopefully the BHA will prevent this. Anyhow, I have.... well... 0 active pimples. The two pimples that I did have have both dried up and are probably going to slough off by tomorrow night. Yes, yes, I know, I should keep going like this. Well, the problem is mainly the dryness and the comedonal acne. Since BHA is an exfoliant, I don't think that I will have much of a problem with dryness and flaking. Also, BHA, in many aspects, can actually complement BP by un-clogging clogged pores and allowing the BP to penetrate deeper into the pore. Well, I'm pretty sure this is actually going to work this time. However, I have learned to not get too excited, because every time I do I end up back pedaling. Til' next time.


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