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Day 20 - ACV not for me...



...so my skin was going okay 3 days ago (on Epiduo and Clindamycin) and I thought I'd trial the apple cider vinegar again - you know give it a good shot this time. After all,all the reviews on it have it have been so positive and i really wanted to try some natural products.

plus i was desperate for something to help fade my dark marks... they take soooo long to fade and my face is covered in it :redface:

But ACV = BAD IDEA for me... i regret trying it.

Within 2 days, my skin started breaking out. All the whiteheads under my skin came to the surface. Some of them formed into big pimples (they never usually do that). Right now, I have lots of hyper pigmentation all over my face, lots of whiteheads on the surface of my skin and under my skin, and a big red pimple on my left upper cheek. i shouldn't have touched it...but i did :D (i never learn)....

now it is red, sore and inflammed. i can't bear to look in the mirror.

i have put manuka honey on it to see if it will reduce the inflammation.

i feel so annoyed at myself right now - shouldn't have picked. Shouldn't have used ACV. This is the problem with trying new things - there is always a risk this might happen. Now just gotta suck it up. arghhhh!!!!

I have a day out with my friends tomorrow - going to look terrible. Feel so self-conscious! Was tempted to cancel it - but felt bad....

So ACV is now out for me. I can't stand the smell, it makes my skin really dry and it breaks me out. I know I only used it for 2 days - but I don't want to keep going. It shouldn't have created such a bad break out reaction for me!!! I can't risk it.

Now, just back to my manuka honey, Epiduo (which I have been using more because of my current skin problems - haven't been sticking to the weaning off plan this week! oh well!) and Dermalogica Products.

No more ACV- and not even going to try baking soda as intended. Too harsh for my skin.

Sea Salt is on the cards though. Have used it before, and it has helped. But not going to introduce it just yet. Waiting for things to settle. I am terrified of going off Epiduo. I forget how well it works now for me. Dreading Xmas and New Year...so many social events/commitments.... worried about skin getting worse...

Lifestyle changes are still an issue.... why can't i get motivated - i am just stuck in this rut!

soo lazy... sometimes I think I bring this on my self. SHIT DAY. Hope yours has been better :redface:


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