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day 12



Skins been breaking out, I have a big zit on my right cheek, a few smaller ones on my left. I got really impatient earlier and popped some of them, then I tried exfoliating to help reduce red marks. That was really stupid of me. The zits I popped look worse, and the exfoliating only made my post acne marks look worse as well. Needless to say I'm looking pretty bad right now lol. School should be fun tomorrow..

Symptoms are minimal. Lips and skin are sort of dry. Not bad though. Thats about it. Nothing else to report.

Mentally I'm alright I guess. Acne just been taking a toll on me these last few months and it sucks. Its gotten to the point where I dont even like talking to my parents. I stopped doing things I cared about because of my skin. But on the bright side, this to shall pass. It wont last forever. And in the grand scheme of things, acne is not a big deal at all.

I picked up the guitar again and have been playing a lot. This has really helped pass the time and keep my spirits up. I definately recommend finding some sort of hobby to do if your like me and have gone into isolation mode haha.

Take it easy everyone.


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