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2 week pics posted



My 2 weeks into Accutane pictures are up in my gallery so feel free to view them and comment :redface: On one of them you can see the bump on my left cheek (well I can atleast...) it has diminished quite a bit since the pictures though and my chin has really cleared up even the scars are going away.

I'm back home for the holidays finally and made the Dean's List :redface: mom was pretty happy about that...it pays to go to class I suppose :dance: We had a party yeasterday and one of my 7 year old cousins asked me what was wrong with my face :D I told her I was a little sick...I don't know how to explain acne to a 7 year old. Oh well...

So far so good with Amnesteem just very very dry lips and the eczyma on my arms is a little more noticable and itchy so just using plenty of body butter.

Have a good week and enjoy the holidays :redface: :redface:

Yours truly,


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I had my cousin, around the same age, ask me last summer what was up with my face (with my whole family in the room). It was a horrible feeling. I remember my mom saying something like "don't worry, it will happen to you someday too" to my cousin. GAH! I start my treatment tomorrow, I think, wish me luck! I of course wish you luck too! :boohoo:

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