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Day 1



K, so, first of all, I don't know what's up with my username? Did I really call myself that? wayy way back when I first made this account, years ago. L.O.L.

Anyways, this is my accutane blog, I'm gonna be using this as a way to keep actual track of what's happening, I find that it can be easy to get confused, was that there yesterday? is it getting better? what's thiissss?!

So background, my ance, while not horribley bad, is pretty much consistant, and as someone who is gonna be turing 25 next year, I'm getting too old for this shit! Was taking minocyline for the last four months or so, worked great at first, but lost it's effectivitly very, verrry fast. Right now I have about five activie ones, and maybe five comedowns, all on the lower sides of my face, forehead is clear, as is chin and temple area(s). I'll be incorportating pictures into this badboy as soon as I stop being lazy.

Medication: one 40mg pill a day for six months.

Day numba 1: Taking my first pill in a few mins eeeeeee. :-D

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