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Day 1 done. Now day 2 ...



Good afternoon, everyone! Well, good afternoon to those of you on the East coast and good morning to those of you on the West coast. To everyone else in the world, well, good day! Last night before doing the regimen I noticed that there was a tiny group of pimples forming on the left side of my face near my jawline. They weren't big or bad. Nothing to be scared of but new pimples none the less. I did the regimen and then went to bed a couple hours later and then this morning I looked at them and they were almost gone. At least I am hoping. It is kind of hard to tell whether they are coming or going. They look better than yesterday so I can only assume they are going. But you know what happens when you assume ... you also know that skin can turn on you at any second without warning so who knows for sure.

The only other thing to really report is that my skin is slightly itchy. It isn't too bad but it is really hard to stop yourself from scratching. You know how satisfying it can be to scratch an itch. I have been gently scratching a little bit but I am really worried that it will feel so good that I will start digging in deeper and cause irritation. Let's just hope I don't give in to temptation! I do have one or two new pimples on my chin, or I should say under my chin that are in the same area as where my other ones are but I am not getting upset about it. I decided to not let new pimples, old pimples or anything else bring me down or ruin my day. My mood and attitude for the day used to be based on how my face looked. It is really pathetic and something that shouldn't stand in my way so I am letting it go. No more worried what it looks like. I know this is a process and I need to give it time to do it's thing and hope for the best. Instead of hiding from people I am going to go to Buffalo to visit college friends, do a little outside ice skating, make dinner and go out for some drinks. Let's just hope that Buffalo doesn't decide to be sunny for the first time in Winter today. Dan (and others) say you need to put on SPF so you don't burn and look like a lobster but I don't use SPF. Never have and never will. Although I am sure that once the summer is here, I should probably use some. I do like to lay out on the beach and get my tan on.

Ok, time to look up the Buffalo weather (it's an hour from here so who knows what their weather is doing), then get my stuff and hit the road with my girlfriends. I will continue informing everyone of my progress!! To everyone else on the regimen - good luck! I hope it is going well for you!!


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