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December 18th

Benjamin M.P


Well I just finished up my second month on accutane. It's hard to tell if it's really getting any better :D but im pretty stoked to be done with the first two months because I hear that those two months are usually the most hell-like. On month one i was on 45mg of amnesteem a day for a total of 30 days. When i visited my dermatologist to get more blood work done she told me she wanted to increase my dose to 60mg a day! I didn't know if that is a good thing to increase my dose because i was afraid id break out more. I took 30 mg in the morning and 30 mg at night for another 30 days(claravis), and just finished those thirty days.

Some of the darker scars i had on the left side of my face have become lighter. I feel like I'm breaking out more frequently but at the same time i break out with smaller pimples. It's really hard to be optimistic through this time in my life, because I feel like i like i look the shittiest ive ever been...

Well yesterday was my last day of school before winter break, so i've got 2 weeks to see more improvements before school. I decided that since i wont being seeing the people that will judge my face that I won't shave and that ill be extra cautious about my routine to reduce any facial irritation.

hopefully ill look better in two weeks than i do now..? ugh.

so today is day....62? maybe? something like that.

please comment and aske questions, i sort of feel alone in this whole process... :redface:


It's OK, you're not alone :boohoo: I'm on day 16 of Amnesteem:D I haven't seen improvemtent either, but I wasn't expecting to. I just have to tell myself every morning that acne is something I have to deal with for the time being and go on with my life. We'll get through this! :D Good luck :D

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Hi, Ben! I agree with Monkeeee :boohoo: You're not alone! There are a lot of people blogging on here that are going through the Accutane process. You've already made it through two months, and like you said, the first two are often the worst for many people. So just think, hopefully the worst is behind you and you'll start seeing improvements soon! Hang in there and don't get discouraged. Keep thinking of the light at the end of the tunnel! Good luck and enjoy your winter break. Thanks for your comment on my blog as well :D -Liz

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hey, ben! u are not alone! we suffer side by side, remember?thanks for ur comment on my AB&accutane mix. it has made things so much better!i would keep taking this combination forever! i've been home for my christmas break and now that i'm back, my friends keep telling me how much better my skin looks like! i laught about accutane that it is my "patience pill" and i got cheered up to see that improvement starts to be obvious.i understand you got over the initial break? are you getting better?hang in there! you are close to the 3months mark! i hope you'll be happy when you get there!hugs,elly

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