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Day 20



Day 20

Nearly three weeks into my Accutane journey. Time is actually going pretty quickly! And I'm hopeful I'll be out of the worst of it before long.

Not a lot of change since my last post. One GOOD thing I've been experiencing is a decreased amount of oil production. My skin is much less oily. Typically, I apply powder to my face probably six-ten times per day to keep the shininess at bay. Recently, I've only applied powder a few times a day. My hair is also usually an oily mess by the end of the day, but its been a TON better the past couple days. Its currently been about 28 hours since I washed my hair, and its not greasy yet. This is a record for me - it rarely goes beyond 12 hours without starting to get greasy.

The worst part at present? Definitely the dry skin on my face. The zits that I do currently have aren't so bad, but my face is looking pretty darn dry and scaly, so its hard to be too excited just yet.

Current skin condition:

-VERY dry on some parts of my face, mostly around and on my nose, as well as on my chin and around my lips.

-A lot of cracking/peeling on and around my lips. Carmex helps, but if I slack and go outside in the cold without applying it first, I almost immediately feel my lips chapping further.

-The cyst I got on my chin at day three just will not die! It keeps coming and going. Sigh.

-The cyst on the side of my chin is dying out. I have no other active zits at the moment, just a lot of redness and peeling bumps where zits are apparently trying to heal.

-Blackheads around lips and on nose are very noticeable. My nose looks speckled. Gross. Thank God for makeup!

Current side effects:

-The only side effect that's been getting to me is all of the dryness. I can deal with it, but geez, its persistent. And its exhausting to constantly be moisturizing, only to feel like the dryness just gets worse.

-Still having really strange dreams and waking up a lot at night.

Current prodcuts/skin care routine:

-Haven't changed anything. Carmex and Aqauphor are my BFFs :redface:

My next appointment with my derm is coming up on Thursday. I am supposed to be kicked up from 40mg/day of Amnesteem to either 60mg or 80mg/day. I'll let you guys know how it goes.


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Hey there! I'm on accutane too, its been kinda rough so far, but you seem really optimistic!!:boohoo: haha well I just closed my 2nd month, and im not gonna lie things are going pretty rough:/ i joined this Acne.org in hopes that people would follow me or like help me out, but im not really getting any comments and i feel kinda like im doing this whole thing alone which sucks. anyway im gonna follow you and see how your progresss goes:)

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