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Hello. :D

So I'm new here and I decided to start this blog because hopefully somebody will read it and help them out for those who are using Differin XP gel 0.3 and I guess this blog is for me as well and to keep track of how I'm doing.

I'm a teenager with moderate-severe acne. I've had acne since junior high and I've pretty much tried everything. I've been using Proactiv Solution for about 3 years and at first it was working great for me. Just last year I had clear skin but all of a sudden I started breaking out and it seemed like proactiv wasn't working for me anymore.

So about a month ago my derma prescribed me with Differin 0.3 gel. Now it took me about a month to finally use it on my face because I needed to find a good cleanser to use it with. (Right now I'm using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser) Also, I'm using Differin on my chest and the doctor said that it was fine for me to use it. About a month ago, I did start using Differin on my chest but I was such an idiot because I used with a product with salicylic acid. Bad choice. My skin felt like it was on fucking fire and it hurt like a bitch. Eventually I stopped using it for a week and my skin went back to normal. Now, I started to use differin on my chest again about 5 days ago and so far it's been going ok. I've noticed that there's more bumps but I think that's what it suppose to do.

Anyways, tonight was the first night I put Differin on my face. Well, actually I just put a little bit on my forehead and that was it. It's weird because you're not suppose to put Differin around your nose and lips but that's where I'm breaking out so I don't know what to do about that....

So hopefully tomorrow morning my skin isn't gonna be all red and peeled...I've read a lot of stories like that and it's seriously scared the shit out of me to use this product.

Well, I shall try to post here and tell you guys how Differin is working for me. I really hope this is going to be the miracle drug for me. :redface:

Woww, this post is so lengthy...haha, I apoligize. I tend to blab.


P.S - So I'm using:

Cetpahil Gentle Cleanser

Differin XP 0.3 Gel

Cetaphil Facial Moisturizer


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