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DAY 20



secondaty effects:

-itchy scalp is making it today to #1 position today

-dry skin

-dry lips (dropping from #1 thanx to aquaphor - lips feel normal)

-red eyes, less bad than at the begining.


-my skin has started clearing out. ive had new cysts on my jawline on week 1 but theyve cleared out.

-last night i noticed that on a healing cyst (that may i say it has been "healing" for years", its more like a red-slightly active-mark) i had a white head. this morning it has the same shape but is red (like with blood eek). im proud i didnt try to pick it last night.

-its summer here and i am sweating a lot. normally my skin gets really worse in this condition, all the red marks redder... this isnt happening. the heat and the sweating isnt affecting the look of my skin and that is pretty amazing.

i cant believe in 10 days i am taking my blood tests already...

i dont know whether or not my skin was genetically prepared to have an IB, but i know that one reason why i didnt is because my dermatologist gave me pills for the first two weeks. maybe without the pills i wouldnt have had it either, but the fact of the matter is i didnt and i am relieved.

however, she said it could get really bad between weeks 4 and 6... YIKES!

i guess i need to be ready for anything and def STOP PICKING although i have nothing to pick, why do i do this?????????????????????

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It's so hard not to pick!!! argh!! I know sometimes I'm doing it, but not even realize that i'm doing it until I wake up out of the daze I'm in and realize that I'm picking! :boohoo:

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