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Getting Started



My first blog Ever! <ahttp://static.acne.org/ipb_uploads/emoticons/default_redface.gif' alt=':redface:'> So....I've had a problem with acne since grade 4 and it has been quite the piss off. I've tried everything up to Accutane; which only worked for so long, plus I hated having blood test every month. I started to try different products together and create my own formula. And Yes....Sometimes that backfired on me something fierce. Now think I how found product that might work for some people. I've been using all of Dan's tips (soft applications, pat dry, use BP etc.) But I have been using the Biore products. I wash my face with the Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser (massage very gently for about a minute), rinse completely. Then I let my face dry 15 minutes after shower, 5 after sink wash (Dan's recommended times) I use Benzoyl Peroxide but only a thin layer so it absorbs completely. (I need to go to work so I don't want a ton of dried crap falling off my face all day.) I use the Biore Nourish Moisture Lotion SPF 15 next. It's not the highest rated moisturizer but it works for me. It might leave a small shine for some people. Then I use the Almay Clear Complexion Liquid Makeup. Hope that might help someone, it's working for me.


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