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Two weeks conquered!!



I've made it through two weeks of Accutane :D I felt really good the other day when I had finished my first Pak of capsules!!! I'm pretty sure I'm in the IB stage of Accutane :redface: A really anoying cyst has grown on my left cheek and some on my temples argh!!! It's ok...I'll get over it soon. I just uploaded some photos of my current skin condition, but you probably wont be able to see them until late tomorrow or the weekend because they take a while to get approved. I'll make sure to make a notification blog about them!!

Anyway, still using Aquaphor...I'm using it constantly because my lips are so chapped and like I said in an earlier blog have grown some kind of sticky film. Still using Dove bar soap as my facial cleanser and taking 40mg/day of Amnesteem(Accutane)

Finally finished the semester today and just waiting for those grades to get on that unofficial transcript...this is so stressful -.-!

Have a good day and enjoy the upcomming weekend :redface:

Yours truly,


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dont stress about grades your job is done, congrats on finishing!!!!wow 2 weeks already, time FLIES. wasnt just yesterday u said you were about to start with the treatment??? hahahave a great weekend :boohoo:

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