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Introducing Me.....



Hello! My name is Sarah I'm 23 years old and I am from Minnesota. I have been struggling with moderate severe acne since I was 13 years old. I also have cycstic acne that appears everywhere on my body...My chest, my neck, my back, my face. My break outs are not as bad as they used to be. But my scarring is horrible especailly on my back and only on a certain side of my face. I do have photos posted if you are intered in looking.

I have tried just about everything! When I was younger my Father had taken me to dermatologists and they tried giving me pills, topical creams and nothing worked! I even tried the laser treatment, all though that did help my scarring fade just a little after 3 treatments. I have tried Pro-Active. I have tried home remedy baking soda. I have tried Neutrogena. I have tried Clear Skin. I have tried Clearasil. None of that helped me. But then for about a year or so when I was able to afford it. I tried using Aveeno products, for the most part that did help with my redness and break outs. After awhile it stopped working like other products have.

So at the moment I am experimenting with Biore products. I love the Blemish ice fighting cleanser it makes your skin feel awesome! I also use the Steam activate cleanser. So far this product has eliminated my break outs and has been making my skin look clean and not greasy and oily.

For my scarring I have also been experimenting with this product called "Bio-oil" A friend of mine recomended it to me. So far it has reduced my redness and makes my skin tone look clean,even and soft!

I am still learning about acne, struggling to find my cure. I am also willing to help others and seeking advice myself. Sometimes I feel as if acne is one of those diseases in life that will never have a cure....

I hope to hear everyones stories and advice!

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Hello!! Welcome to the club of people who have tried everything xD :D I've tried it all too and have gotten results sometimes, but then they just stop working :D I'm on Accutane at the moment...2 weeks in :boohoo: Hoping this is going to work for me!! I hope you find something that works for you...acne is such a pest!

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