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Day 7 Update



Today will be the day I take my 8th pill, and I thought I'd update on how it's going:

My first post was a bit of an isolated incident so far. While I did experience dryness within a few hours of my first dose, my side effects nearly all went away the next day, including dry lips to the point of really needing much more than an occasional Blistex Medicated or Aquaphor application.

I may be on a very low dose, or that my body just isn't reacting, I'm not having ANY side effects, and I joke with my friends who know I'm on it about the depression and I think I'm in a better mood overall... I tell them to make sure if I do jump out a window that I want someone to say at the eulogy how great my skin looks. Not that I want to joke about depression.....

On day 7, I notice my skin is somewhat drier, and there is some skin drying evidence around my eyebrows, and I do feel dry in my mouth, eyes, and throat at night. I wake up with very dry eyes, and they are really red.

However, during the day, I drink probably four quarts of water or more, and I have little effects. No lip peeling, nothing. I wash with Cetaphil cleanser, I moisturize with Cetaphil lotion. I also am taking Fish Oil supplements, I'm not eating any sugar and very little grains. I do eat a lot of raw nuts and other vegetables.

Now for my skin:

I thought that my first dose was taking care of things very fast. I was wrong. I still am breaking out. In fact, I've had one or two pretty big underground and painful bumps. They went away a little faster than normal, but I'd also say my skin is still a bit oily at times.

So, perhaps this is the initial breakout, or the "gets worse before it gets better", because I'd say on a scale from 1-10, with 1 being "no change in acne", after day 7, I'd be at a 3.

But I"m hopeful.

Will keep updating.


lol :D You wont have to be self-concious about having an open casket funeral with clear skin :D.... :boohoo: I think I am also at the "gets worse before it gets better" stage, but i'm hopefull too :D We'll get throught this :D Take care.

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goodluck dave! im on this stuff too, just closed up my 2nd month. the first 8weeks were kinda rough but i think its gonna get better from here... hopefully?? haha

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