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Tane Time

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Day 38



So the first month has passed and I am still having break outs. Large under the skin ones that hurt but dont seem to want to come to the surface. Still clusters on my cheeks. And the old ones dont wanna go away. So in regards to less break outs there has not been a positive improvement.

On the other hand I am less oily and that is great news. I dont need to blot my face everytime I go to the bathroom. And my hair is also less oily. I used to have to take a shower every day if I wanted to not look like a scum bag. My hair always got oily after one day. Now its perfect after a day or two with no oil at all. Its great! and saves time if I dont feel like showering I dont have to put my hair in a ponytail, I can leave it down without looking homeless.

My lips have been pretty dry for a while now. I have chapstick everwhere. Avene cold cream is working pretty good. I havent had any more bloody noses thankfully. My skin is pretty dry and Ive had to use a gentle exfoliator once a week or its just too flaky to handle. I have a problem with wanting to peel these flakes off, and now they seems to come off in larger flakes and somtimes takes too much skin with them so I have these open red spots when I peel too much. Hands off is a hard concept!

THe black heads on mynose are gone, even like on the nose crease...that is amazing. Cant remember when I didnt have those! And I dont know if its because of the tightness of my skin due to the dryness or what, but I have slightly larger pores on my cheeks (like under my eyes) and they dont seem to be as noticeable now.

I have an appt. on Friday with the derm (we do an appt every 40 days) and will update then. I have pics, I just need to get them uploaded.



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